Challenge Coins

To clear up a small problem that we came across online. We are the ONLY Clovis Coin, and the only way to get our quality and service, as well as our below market prices, you must go through our contact on this website. has existed since 2013, which wasRead More →

Clovis Coin is proud to support service personnel across the country, and around the world! We work with all branches of the Armed Forces, Police, Firefighters and EMS workers. The men and woman in these critical positions give us their best everyday. At Clovis Coin, we strive to give youRead More →

Challenge coins may be small in size, but these metal keepsakes hold immense importance. They are special because of the memories and symbolism associated with them. Often passed down through generations of service people, they remind us of the commitment and sense of duty of those awarded them. If youRead More →

Memorial coins have traditionally been used by military and domestic service personnel to honor fallen comrades. Depending on the department preference, these coins can be general memorial coins for all of their fallen heroes, or personalized for a specific person, with name, dates of service and portrait. In recent yearsRead More →