Custom Challenge Coins for Service People

Clovis Coin is proud to support service personnel across the country, and around the world! We work with all branches of the Armed Forces, Police, Firefighters and EMS workers. The men and woman in these critical positions give us their best everyday. At Clovis Coin, we strive to give you our best, as well. It is our pleasure to offer the highest possible quality at the lowest possible price with outstanding customer service.

Custom Challenge Coins
Custom Military, Police, Firefighter, and EMS Challenge Coins.

Service men and women put their lives on the line for us daily. This kind of service is deserving of the highest honor. We started Clovis Coin in order to provide custom challenge coins, and custom lapel pins to people in these positions. We enjoy designing totally unique Military Challenge Coins, for all branches of the Armed Forces.

Navy challenge coins often depict three dimensional images of the vessels sailors occupy. Likewise, Air Force challenge coins usually showcase the latest flying fighting machines. Army challenge coins show scenes of valor, and most military challenge coins celebrate Old Glory, in one form or another. Our designers specialize in bringing this imagery to life, whether utilizing 3D molding, or standard 2D stamping.

Fire department challenge coins are some of our most popular custom coins.  Usually, a firefighter challenge coin has a Maltese Cross and scramble on one side, and the station logo or number on the reverse. Fire departments with a long history often choose a classy antique fire engine, or horse drawn pump to represent them. Other popular custom fire department coins show heroic scenes of firemen emerging from flames in full gear. Though most of our customers are are looking for career fire fighter challenge coins, we provide volunteer fire department challenge coins, as well.

Another large portion of our customers are seeking custom police department challenge coins, and sheriff’s department challenge coins. In recent years, the thin blue line design has become quite popular among public safety coins. Police badges, and old fashioned sheriff’s star badges are often used on these types of customized coins. Clovis Coin also designs many K-9 unit challenge coins, and special task force coins.

EMS workers have begun to distribute coins as well. Paramedic challenge coins usually depict an ambulance on one side of the coin. The reverse side of an EMS challenge coin usually has a traditional caduceus. Of course, we are able to design a custom challenge coin with any logo or imagery you would like. In addition, we also offer custom shapes at no additional charge.

If you want your paramedic challenge coin to be shaped like an ambulance, no problem. You need a fire fighter coin in the shape of an ax head, or police department coin with cutouts and off edge graphics? We can do that too!

At Clovis Coin, all of our design services are included. We offer seven plating options, glitter paint, full color printing, artificial gemstones, and molded edges. You can have your coins sequentially numbered or the edges engraved with names, or a special message. There is no need to send us fully developed artwork. We can work with any sketch, or rough idea you may have in mind. Don’t have any idea what to put on your coin. That’s alright, too. Just contact us and tell us a little about your event or department, and let our talented designers put together a free, no obligation digital proof today! Simply fill out the quote form on our homepage, and let us do the rest.