Custom Memorial Challenge Coins

Memorial coins have traditionally been used by military and domestic service personnel to honor fallen comrades. Depending on the department preference, these coins can be general memorial coins for all of their fallen heroes, or personalized for a specific person, with name, dates of service and portrait.

In recent years it has become more mainstream for civilians to also honor their loved ones with a memorial coin. A beautifully crafted, customized memorial coin can provide comfort to the grieving, and a sense of kinship to descendants.

The example in these photos is a memorial coin for a wonderful lady who passed away at 94 years old. Her children and grandchildren were spread out all over the world, and not all of them were able to make it to her funeral. This was a great way to give family and close friends a token of her as a memorial.

Memorial coins have many uses beyond honoring the dearly departed. Many events in life can be remembered and celebrated with a commemorative coin. We produce coins for:

  • Family Reunions
  • Weddings
  • End of Life Memorials / Funerals
  • Life Events and Milestones
  • Birthdays
  • Company Events

We can use a photo to produce a 3D mold for your coins. Alternatively, we can print a full color image on the coin, which is then covered in a clear epoxy dome to protect the image. We can also create a memorial lapel pin or bottle opener as well.

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