Challenge coins may be small in size, but these metal keepsakes hold immense importance. They are special because of the memories and symbolism associated with them. Often passed down through generations of service people, they remind us of the commitment and sense of duty of those awarded them.

If you have never received one, you may wonder; what is a challenge coin? Traditionally, challenge coins are small metal coins that were used in the military. They had the emblem or sign of a regiment or commander on the coin, and were given to different soldiers after completing certain tasks. This has made challenge coins a symbol of pride for the bearer.

Presently, the use of challenge coins is no longer limited to military personnel. They are used by many organizations, from police and fire fighters to businesses and non-profits,  to commemorate many things. There are a lot of things associated with  custom challenge coins. They can represent:

A Symbol of Accomplishment

The first and foremost use of challenge coin is utilizing them for growing a sense of accomplishment among people. When you give challenge coins to those individuals who have completed a special training, or taken part in an special event, it not only honors them, but also encourages others to participate so that they may get a challenge coin next time. Collecting and keeping challenge coins reminds someone how far they have come, and encourages them to reach the next level.

Best for Providing Employee Recognition

Challenge coins are also great for employee recognition. It helps the organization to recognize those employees who have given their best in order to help the organization reach its goal. Every good manager knows employees who feel valued will consistently perform better than those do not. Offering incentive coins is an easy way to leave a lasting impression.

Excellent for Special Promotions

Apart from employee recognition, challenge coins are also good for any kind of special promotion within an organization. They can help to promote new products or any new idea to the public. If your promotion calls for something more impressive than a simple flyer, a custom challenge coin can leave the impact you desire.

Another advantage of using custom challenge coins is that you can get multiple designs for different purposes. You do not have to stick to any particular design. There can be different designs for different service levels and you may utilize them for varied occasions. An employee may like to collect different challenge coins and hence they will work harder to accomplish higher level training. As they can be customized, they allow you to choose designs that will be useful for any purpose or occasion.

Moreover, when you get wholesale challenge coins you can order in quantity. That means the price per unit of the coin is not too high. It allows you to select different coins and get them at affordable rates. Thus, challenge coins are the best way to boost the morale of your employees and keep giving them challenges.